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Hello Everybody, my name is Fabio Folliero, I’m a young marketer total hooked with the new trends coming up from the web 2.0 as well from the Digital Analytics. I come from Cosenza, a town located in the Southern Italy, where I manage with three friends of mine, MadCs, a team organizing Brit party events.


I live in Berlin, the European Silicon Valley where I had the opportunity to join a fast changing environment concentrated on how to optimize the digital marketing strategies. I’m not only interested in marketing and digital analytics, I love music and I appreciate the city where I live because it provides several opportunity to discover always new impressive tunes. On last march I obtained my Google Analytics Individual Qualification and having collected numerous “materials” about the exam and in particular about the management of Google Analytics Tool, I decided to share these materials with the people that they want to achieve Google Analytics Individual Qualification too.

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The materials don’t consist only in brief descriptions of the Analytics Fundamentals pillars, I want share the whole study experience I had, for this reason there will be a tune related to every argument. Music can enhance the concentration and consequently the productivity. The sources of my Spicy Tips are basically :

Thanks to my blogs you don’t need to be “rebounded” from the Analytics Academy lessons and the support.google because all the material you need for gettint IQ Test, lie on the same page. In addition you will be relaxed because I will suggest the best tunes in order to face every topic. I hope you will find useful the blog and don’t hesitate to share your knowledge if you want!!!





Spicy tips for Google Analytics and fine tunes

Hello Everybody,

here you can find valuable tips in order to both achieve your Google Analytics Individual Qualification and discover relaxing music able to enhance your concentration skills  🙂


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Choose the page captures your interest, every page deals with a Digital Analytics pillar, on bottom of every section there will be a recommended tune to listen when you face with Google Analytics argument.

I hope you can enjoy the study experience I offer and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to share some knowledge or some music.