Fixing E-commerce data in Google Analytics

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Missing E-commerce Data

When the ecommerce tracking is set up, ecommerce data could miss from your reports.

In order to fix this inconsistency:

  1. Make sure Ecommerce is enabled within the ecommerce setting of the View;
  2. Make sure Google Analytics tracking code is properly allocated on the receipt page. The receipt page must include the tracking code from the correct analytics account.





Different data in Analytics report than in shopping cart service

As reported by Support.Google, the reasons why your shopping cart may have inconsistencies ( different data) than your Google Analytics report, can be different:


  1. Your shopping cart may be configured to report data in a different time zone than your Google Analytics report;


E.G. Your shopping cart may be configured to report on eastern standard time meanwhile your Google Analytics report are configured on Pacific standard time.


  1. Your reports can be off if you set up your Analytics E-commerce tracking in the middle of the day.


  1. Keep in mind that all the transactions executed before the implementation of the Analytics Tracking do not appear in the Analytics Reports. Obviously these transactions appear in the shopping cart reports.


  1. The Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking code may not properly set up.


  1. The reversed/cancelled transactions don’t appear in the reports. The transactions with a value of 0 are not reported


Reverse an E-commerce transaction

You can reverse an E-commerce transaction when an order is not completed or is disallowed. In this way, you can ensure that your Google Analytics reports provide accurate value and quantity information.

To reverse an order or transaction it must be created and loaded a duplicate receipt page that contains the transaction we want to cancel with the following negative values:

  • Transaction Total;
  • Tax;
  • Shipping;
  • Item quantity

When you reverse an E-commerce transaction, check that:

  • You are using the same transaction ID for the transaction and item-form data as the one you used for the original purchase.
  • The value for the total field in your transaction is negative.
  • The item field has a positive per-unit price and a negative quantity.
  • Tax or shipping charges that were credited back are shown as negative values in the respective fields in the transaction-form data.


Reversing a transaction doesn’t remove it: both the positive and negative transaction are considered in the transaction count.

Goal Tracking versus E-commerce tracking

keep in mind if you do use Ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics: Goal conversion is different than an Ecommerce transaction.

During a session a goal conversion(e.g. an event goal) can only be counted once in despite of an E-commerce transaction can be counted multiple times.



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