Conversion & conversion attribution

A conversion can be defined as an important activity on your site in order to achieve the success of your business.

Conversions can be divided in:

  1. Microconversions
  2. Macroconversions


Microconversions are behavioural indicators of customers haven’t fully reached your main objective but they’ve been coming closer.

Macroconversions point out that customers are reaching the main objective.


In accordance with the E-commerce context some of the most common example of Microconversions could be:

  • Signing for a newsletter;
  • Viewing a product video;
  • Reading product features.

Regarding the macro conversion in the e commerce world, no doubt about SALES!!!

Now let’s try to dig a little deeper in these two concept discovering how to recognize and track the different conversion come across to our websites.



Track your micro conversion


When we think about microconversion, we have to think about all the activities that visitors frequently engage in before purchasing.

Even though website may have several kind of actions tracked as microconversions, it’s likely that you want to set up at least two of three goals.

We are going now to analyze wich could be the most common action to be tracked and how track them.


Email signup


In order to set the “email signup” as a goal, we have to create a url destination goal.

Creating a goal it’s easy, in the admin section of your google analytics account within the View commands you can set your goals.

Add a new custom goal and flag a destination goal. Remember to name the destination goal.

After you have decided the name of your goal, you have to define the thank you sign up page like the goal page.

It’s possible to establish a value for this goal. Switch on the value and digit it. Assigning a goal value means that you can see in your report an average visit value.

A conventional way to determine the value it’s to evaluate how often the visitors who reach the goals become customers.

If the 10% of email signup results in purchase, and the average transaction is 50€, the goal value is 5€.


Browsed Site Extensively


In accordance with the setting of a page/screens per session goal we have to choose once again a custom goal and flag the page/screens per session goal.

Now it’s necessary to set a page threeshold, this must match with a number of pages the users view on the site under your estimations.


PDF Download


On the same page of the previous goal, it’s possible to choose another kind of custom goal: event goal.

Each download has to be tracked as a Google Analytics Event.


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