The Segmentation


Observing the aggregated data helps you to understand how the general behaviour trends change overtime (e.g. purchase pattern) in order to identify the reason why behind.

Segmentation proceeds the opposite, segmentation allows the isolation and consequently the subset analysis of the data.

It’s pretty common developing a data segmentation by marketing channel for recognizing the profictability of the investments executed in each marketing channel.

The most important data segments to consider are:


  1. By date –>Baseline
  2. By Device
  3. By Marketing Channel
  4. By Geography


Google Analytics allows to create and to customize all the data segments you consider important for your website.

You can choose between predefined segments ( e.g. direct traffic, paid search traffic, ecc) or create your relevant data segment.

According to view the predefined segments you have to click on the traffic overview in the Audience report section.


Screenshot 2014-04-06 14.17.27


The default segment showed by Google Analytics is “All visits”, but the user are able to insert other kind of segments in this section, therefore it can suddenly see how the behaviour of a certain segment of users is acting.

Screenshot 2014-04-06 14.17.53


As showed in the picture aside “All visits” there’s an arrow, click on it in order to choose or create a new user segment.





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